mind, body, and spirit.

The Health and Longevity Practice is a transformational home for spiritually grounded women ready to consciously create whole health and wellbeing so you can finally feel your best.

It’s time to create optimal health and well-being:


It’s time to create optimal health and well-being:


The Health and Longevity Practice is a transformational home for spiritually grounded women ready to consciously create whole health and wellbeing so you can finally feel your best.

Know the root causes of your health issues – physical and non-physical

Become the best version of yourself - mind, body, spirit

Attract better relationships, opportunities, and experiences

Develop your intuition and learn how to trust it

At the Health and Longevity Practice you will:

How long have you been waiting for someone to help you finally feel your best? 

Most healthcare practitioners just don’t “get it” - because they’re more interested in helping you manage symptoms than actually healing the problem. They aren’t trained to heal. In fact, they’re not even trained to identify the root causes of whatever’s got you stuck. 

So, many people abandon traditional healthcare in favor of holistic practitioners. And there’s no doubt, it’s better. But they’re still only giving you pieces of the puzzle.

That’s because they’re focusing on one side of the health equation - your physical/emotional health - while ignoring the other side - non-physical/energetic health. They’re not trained to help you focus on the most important part of creating optimal health and well-being: 

You and your identity. 

You don’t need someone to heal you. You can learn to heal yourself.

No wonder you feel stuck and powerless. You feel like your health and healing journey has plateaued, and you don’t know how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Maybe you’ve bounced from doctor, to naturopath, to health coach - and you’re still not getting what you want. 

Or maybe you feel confused by conflicting expert opinions.

But here’s the thing: I can’t heal you. No one can. 

If you don’t take personal responsibility for your own health, you’ll continue to be at the mercy of other practitioners and coaches who are happy to hand out temporary solutions, instead of teaching you how to take your power back and get what you want.

It’s true, I can’t heal you. But I can help you become the person who knows how to heal themselves.



The Health and Longevity Practice is a transformational home for spiritually grounded women ready to consciously create whole health and wellbeing so you can finally feel your best.

In this practice we are NOT going to:

It’s not going to help. It never does.

Waste time ordering expensive tests for you to do at home

ONLY talk about what to eat and what to avoid (we will talk about eating habits, but all the green juice in the world won’t heal your soul)

Learn shortcuts that aren’t sustainable

Focus on your problems

Instead, real transformation looks like this:

the baseline

We’ll unpack your story - your current circumstances, where you’re stuck, and where you want to be. We’ll identify your root causes so we can create the first step of your healing roadmap - your baseline plan.

You’ll get a personalized plan with suggestions of lifestyle changes to begin implementing to target the physical and emotional issues keeping you stuck.


The Vision

Awareness is the first step in transformation. Clarity and vision will give you new awareness. You’ll identify the specific goal you want to achieve during our time together so you can determine the skills, behaviors, and characteristics of the identity of someone who has achieved your goal. 

I’ll guide you through exercises to get clear on who and how you’ve been. You’ll map out your vision for what your health and life will look like in 90 days, 6 months, 12 months, and beyond so our remaining work will focus on aligning you with your vision.



Who are you, really? As you evolve on your health journey you'll learn that the biggest root cause behind why you're stuck is you. We’ll take a magnifying glass to your identity and discover your true values. We’ll also look at your habits, because you are your habits. You’ll learn and start implementing tools to reprogram and train yourself to transform on the inside and adopt the habits that will create optimal health and well-being.


The Shift

You’ll track your progress as you develop the behaviors you need to achieve your outcomes. You'll uncover the limiting beliefs, patterns, energetic blocks and other things that are your personal barriers. Once you understand who and what isn't you, it's easy to align with what IS you. We’ll visit stories and roots that may be interfering with your transformation so you can learn additional tools to apply to your health and longevity journey. 


The Alignment

We’ll focus on aligning both sides of health: 1) Internal and 2) external health and well-being. You’ll gain a better understanding of the energetic principles guiding you so you can connect further with your intuition and develop its power.


The Integration

Finally, feel your best - mind, body, and spirit. We’ll integrate all of the tools and resources you’ve been implementing so you can set yourself up for sustainable health and well-being, and map out what the next step of your transformation will look like.


We’ve all got a story. Here’s mine.

I’m Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers, and I know what it’s like to feel powerless while you’re searching for the pathway to create your own optimal health and well-being.

After I spent years struggling with chronic physical, mental, and emotional health issues I knew I couldn’t stand hearing one more doctor say “you’re just going to have to manage it” while they suggested another prescription, therapy, or test for one of my many symptoms. 

So I went to see a naturopath to get a different perspective. I walked out the door with a new plan for my life - a new diet, supplement regime - a whole new lifestyle. But after spending 6 months and thousands of dollars on expensive tests and supplements, I’d collected more pieces to my puzzle - but I still wasn’t feeling better. I still felt stuck. 

I knew deep down there was a way to put the pieces of the puzzle together and actually heal from all of my symptoms, I knew something was still missing. I was ready to take personal responsibility for my own health - why couldn’t anyone help me do that? 

That’s when I discovered the answers I was looking for were staring me back in the mirror all along.

They were inside of me. I was only addressing ONE part of the healing equation - physical health - and completely ignoring the other - energetic health. 

So I held up a magnifying glass to myself and finally started healing from the inside out.

Our identity is what drives our behaviors and actions, so to do the inner healing work I had to transform who I was being. With my optimal health as my goal I determined the behaviors, skills, beliefs, and stories required for me to heal and achieve that goal. Then I determined what characteristics I’d have if I already had the health and life of my dreams. I made becoming that person my daily work. 

The person who I’d been, wasn’t going to get me where I wanted to go. 

I transformed into the best version of myself, and now I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been - mind, body, and spirit. And it’s a privilege to support my clients on their own journey of transformation.

I waited 20 years for a doctor that understood me and what I was going through, didn’t look at me like I have 3 heads, and supported me in pursuing MY goals for MY health-instead of writing me another prescription. I was beginning to think those doctors were unicorns until I found Dr. Rodgers. I’m a better mom, wife, business owner, and person because of my work with Dr. Rodgers.

- Donna R.

Dr. Rodgers changed my life.

Working with Dr. Rodgers is the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. She guided me to do the work to heal and change on the inside and outside. When I started changing on the inside, my health and life completely transformed on the outside. I took all my power back, and I’ll never give it away again. 

- Justine Q. 

I’m eternally grateful to Dr. Rodgers.

When I came to Dr. Rodgers’ 6 month program I was doing all the “right” things to be healthy on the outside, but I still didn’t feel my best. I knew I had to change my internal world, but I didn’t know how to get to where I wanted to be. Dr. Rodgers gave me the greatest gift - myself. When I took responsibility for changing myself on the inside, everything changed beyond my wildest dreams on the outside. Now I know how to continue to transform myself, so I get to keep becoming a brand new best me! 

- Allana P

BEST investment I’ve ever made. Hands down.



Step 1: Investigate

Learn the root causes of why you're stuck in your current circumstances - physically, emotionally, energetically, & otherwise (news flash: there are at least 8 categories of root causes!!)


Step 2: Identify

Define what optimal health - mind, body, and spirit - feels like to you, and determine who you need to be to achieve that.

Identify the gaps between who you are now and who you want to be. Connect to the truth within yourself. 

Choose the stories, beliefs, & behaviors that align with your natural state of optimal health, release those that don’t serve you, and adopt the characteristics of your new identity - reinvent yourself and realign with your natural state. 

Step 3: Implement & Integrate

Create the healthy life you’ve always wanted, and develop the tools to sustain it.