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Finally feel your best - mind, body, & spirit


There is no excuse for a healthcare system that doesn’t help us


Tired of bouncing from doctor to doctor? 

Are you…

Frustrated that no one is really listening to you about your goals for your health and well-being?

Exhausted from surviving in the vicious, never-ending cycle of less-than-optimal health?

Confused by conflicting “expert” opinions?

It’s time to finally discover the root cause of your symptoms, stop merely managing them, and heal.

You deserve to feel your best - mind, body, & spirit.


You probably wouldn’t believe that the woman you see on this page was once hours away from death.

Before I became this vibrantly healthy and well woman, I battled physical, mental, and emotional illness for over a decade. After seeing over a dozen specialists, traditional healthcare had officially failed me. I felt like a patchwork quilt broken into pieces, with no hope of being put back together again.  

All I wanted was to heal and be healthy. Then I became the missing link - the practitioner who puts the broken pieces of the quilt back together again and creates pathways to optimal health - and I healed myself from the inside out. I went from being exhausted and controlled by my health issues to thriving and living a life that’s powerful, healthy, and free.

I’m a heart-centered health AND LONGEVITY DOCTOR who provides holistic healing that’s actually grounded in scientific research.

I’m Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers 



Since then I’ve helped dozens of women solve this problem in my private practice. And I can help you, too.

Dozens of women transformed to optimal health

Postdoc at Harvard Medical & Massachusetts General Hospital

Expert in identifying the root causes of health issues

PhD in chronic health from University of Pittsburgh

Identify the root causes of your health issues

Transform into the best version of yourself - mind, body, spirit

Attract better relationships, opportunities, and experiences

Develop your intuition and learn how to trust it

Here's what happens when you feel healthy and whole - mind, body, & spirit

I never felt like just another patient.
I came out feeling relieved, more energetic and 
positive that I will be able to heal.

- Hayley Vandale 

Dr. Rodgers truly listens to your concerns and puts the pieces of the puzzle together to find an answer. She is brilliant, compassionate, and knows how to get to the root of a health problem.

- Lynn C

I have never had a doctor that made me feel that I mattered, who listened and understood what I was going through, and who was so determined to help me with my health. Because of you I have hope.

- Shano Flemming

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Learn the true root causes keeping you from feeling healthy & whole - mind, body, & spirit. Get a customized plan so you can get the aligned support to achieve and maintain optimal health. 

Get a customized health & longevity plan

If this feels like a great fit, we'll determine the level of support that aligns best for you right now. You'll learn how to simplify the path to whole health and wellbeing and target the root causes of health imbalances and issues. Your best self awaits.

Finally feel your best


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Whether you're dealing with active symptoms or barriers or simply ready to optimize your health and start feeling like the most vibrant version of yourself, I’m so glad you’re here.




How to Get Off the
Frantic Doctor-to-Doctor Hamster Wheel


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Client Transformations

Client Transformations

“Even though my case was complicated, Dr. Rodgers was able to help me by treating me as a whole person instead of prescribing medications that only dealt with individual symptoms. 
Her prescription of lifestyle changes and use of supplements addressed the root cause of the issues.  

I rarely get migraines anymore, my stomach aches have completely resolved, I haven’t had a fibromyalgia flare in over a year, I have the energy to get through the day and can truly live in the moment now. 

Oh-I started my own business too-a lifelong dream. Ultimately, Dr. Rodgers helped me heal myself and find a quality of life I did not believe I would ever find again. 

- Melissa J.

“One of the best things about working with Dr. Rodgers is the time she spends listening to you and taking your concerns seriously. Dr. Rodgers listened to my story, took a very thorough health history, and explained the root causes of my issues. 

With her help, the addition of herbal remedies, supplements and healing foods along with changing my diet to remove things that were feeding the problem, we were able to resolve my condition. 

Dr. Rodgers cares deeply about the patient. I would recommend her for anyone trying to heal themselves from chronic health issues.”

- Kelly H.

“I have been seeing Dr. Rodgers for almost 2 years. I came to her after some urgent surgeries that saved my life and left me free from those original problems, but not feeling well at all. I took responsibility for addressing my many symptoms as best I could, and tried to get help from several different medical specialists. But I received little help or encouragement. I was completely discouraged and overwhelmed.

Eventually I found my way to Dr. Rodgers. Her help has made a huge difference for me. Her knowledge, direction and compassion have helped set me on a clearer path to healing. I do not feel as alone or overwhelmed as I continue to work towards being as healthy as I can.”

- Maria G. 

“BOOK DR. RODGERS RIGHT NOW! Seriously! I waited for 20 years for a doctor that understood me and what I was going through, didn’t look at me like I have 3 heads, and supported me in pursuing MY goals for MY health-instead of writing me another prescription.

I was beginning to think those doctors are unicorns until I found Dr. Rodgers. She CHANGED MY LIFE. She walked on my path with me and gave me so much more than physical and emotional healing-she taught me how to heal myself. I’m a better mom, wife, business owner, and person because of my work with Dr. Rodgers. The only regret you’ll ever have is passing up the chance to work with her!” 

 - Donna R.

"Dr. Rodgers was nothing short of a gift from God for me, and I do not say that lightly. Her gifted intuitive skills are absolutely awe-inspiring and second to none. She was able to see and describe my feelings, sensations, and issues, emotional and physical ones, with extremely accurate precision, to the point it felt like she was inside my body and experiencing what it's like to be in it, and be "me".

I firmly believe that all the lives touched by Dr. Rodgers' work will be blessed by being in contact with her energy and the energy that works all around her and through her. You will not leave her reading the same person you were before. She's a rare kin." 

- Renata Vianna

“I have been to many doctors for many years. Not one compares to Dr. Rodgers. 

She is brilliant, compassionate, and knows about how to get to the root of a health problem. 

Dr. Rodgers truly listens to your concerns and puts the pieces of the puzzle together to find an answer. 

I highly recommend her!"

- Lynn C.

"I am dealing with the worst health issues of my life and have been treated by many doctors and specialists. I have more confidence in Dr. Rodgers than any of the others.

Not only does she answer all of your questions, but she also does healing work that leaves me feeling amazing after every appointment. I definitely recommend her.”  

 - Tara P.

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Your health is the foundation of everything you do in your life, including the lives you touch along the way.

Or, you can set yourself free. 

You can’t build the life of your dreams on a cracked and broken foundation. It’s not possible. Everyone wants to look and feel their best. But most people are living with at least one chronic health issue. 60% of people take at least one prescription medication. So what’s the problem? 

The problem is we keep going to doctors, getting diagnosed, and expecting to heal. It’s never going to work. Doctors aren’t trained to heal, they’re trained to manage symptoms. Getting a diagnosis and being healed - are 2 very different things. 

You can either stay trapped, where you’ll get stuck in a vicious cycle of feeling unwell,

That freedom lies in your own power to take personal responsibility for your health and that’s exactly what I’m here to help you do. I’ve helped dozens of women transform from chronically unwell, abused, and depressed to vibrantly healthy, confident, and peaceful.  In a world where you can BE anything, BE healthy - mind, body, and spirit.

You get to choose.