If you’re seeing any other kind of practitioner for your health, that does NOT matter at all! I often work in tandem with my clients’ other doctors, including primary care practitioners/family doctors, naturopaths, counselors, and other types of specialists. In this scenario, it’s my goal to be a complement to your other practitioners. While a naturopath will assist you in looking further into your health issues they may order other tests that cost time and money, whereas I will work with you to immediately get to the root causes and create a path forward to reclaiming your lasting health and well-being.

I’m already seeing a naturopath or other doctor, does that matter?

YES! Many of my clients have come to me in consultation with the goal of being free from prescription medications or reducing the number of medications they take. I have supported 100% of these clients to safely reach this goal. I’ve worked with people aged 16 to over 80 years who wanted to break free from prescriptions. I will work in tandem with your prescribing physician or another physician with the appropriate expertise to safely achieve the results you desire.

I want to be prescription medication free or reduce the amount of medication I take, can you help me with this?

Absolutely. This is one of my main areas of expertise. My doctoral training is literally to study and determine cause and effect as it relates to your health. There are actually 8 different root cause categories of chronic health issues, and in 100% of cases I have found that there are multiple root causes contributing to the health issues people are currently experiencing. In consultation, I combine my doctoral, epidemiologic, and medical intuitive skills to put the pieces of your puzzle together, connect the dots, and identify the true root causes of whatever you are dealing with. This is one of my passions.

I have a few different health issues, can you help me figure out the root cause?

Yes. Each person is a unique individual and what each person needs, even those with similar health issues, is completely different. Some clients come to my practice and their goal is to target and heal ALL of the health issues they are dealing with at once. While some clients want to just focus on one issue, heal it, and then move on to the next. I believe in an individualized approach that is tailored to each client, because health care is NOT one size fits all.

Can I focus on just one health issue at a time with you if I want to?

Yes. I can easily help you target the root causes of your symptoms and create a pathway to heal at the physical level only. While I facilitate healing across all layers and dimensions for my clients, I have worked with many clients at just ONE of those levels because that was their personal goal.  

Can I work with you on just my physical symptoms?

YES, absolutely. I am a certified masters level advanced medical intuitive and medium, and I love doing medical intuitive readings. I have had clients who only worked with me as a medical intuitive, and they continue to come back for additional readings when they feel ready to move on. If you are interested in a reading, simply fill out the contact form on this page and my Team will support you in scheduling a reading with me.

I’m interested in your medical intuitive work, can I just get a medical intuitive reading with you?

No, I am a private, woman owned practice and I don't work with insurance companies at this time. This is in the best interest of my clients and patients. I don't want the partnerships I form with those I serve to be impacted by outside health care entities, such as insurance companies. Payment is expected at the time of your appointment. Payment may be made online by credit card (Mastercard, Visa, Discover, AmEx), PayPal, or direct bank account transfer. I offer monthly payment plans for my program packages.

Out of pocket expenses for a traditional health care specialist visit can cost $300-$600 per visit or more. If the specialist sees you for 15 minutes, this means that it costs approximately $100 for 2.5 - 5 minutes of care.

Do you accept health insurance?

No. Testing is not something I need to do at my practice to determine the root causes of your pain, symptoms, and/or health issues. I save you the additional cost, time, and energy associated with testing, and get right to the root causes. If there are current or past test results you would like to send me you are welcome to do so. Many of my clients will send me records and test results from other doctors for me to interpret and consider as we create a path to guide you to heal yourself and reclaim your everlasting health and wellness.

Will you be ordering any additional tests like blood work?

I work with anyone, anywhere. My practice changed from in-person to 100% online when the pandemic began. Since then, I’ve worked with clients all over the world including the United States, UK, Sweden, France, Denmark, and Finland. All sessions are on Zoom.

Do you work with people anywhere or is your practice only in-person?

Yes, and these expenses will depend on the unique holistic healing plan that is created for you. I will give recommendations that include supplements and nutritional guidance which will require additional purchases. Support will be provided in making these investments for your health. I meet each client and patient exactly where they are, and we will work together to determine a plan that is feasible for you.

Will there be other out of pocket expenses besides the cost of appointments and programs?

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