The Sapphire Healing Experience

6 month private holistic health journey for women who are ready to FINALLY break free from stubborn health issues, remove symptoms at the root, & leave their mark on the world as their most vibrant, empowered & unstoppable selves.

The Sapphire Healing Experience

6 month private holistic health journey

for women who are ready to FINALLY break free from stubborn health issues, remove symptoms at the root, & leave their mark on the world as their most vibrant, empowered & unstoppable selves.

This cannot wait.

Who are you letting down by not being your best self today?

A spouse? Your kids? Elderly parents? The career you worked so hard to build? 

The only way to undoubtedly restore your health, revive your happiness, and reset your life is not a cleanse or another 30-minutes with a new specialist.

healing transformation.

What about yourself?

Your health is the foundation of everything you do in your life, including all the lives you touch along the way.

It’s an everlasting 

A 6-month 1:1 guided healing journey for motivated women who are ready to FINALLY free themselves from the stubborn health issues keeping them from living their most amazing lives every single day...


The Sapphire Healing Experience

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Brain fog
Low energy
Mystery emotional & physical pain/symptoms
Strep infections
Hormonal imbalances
Autoimmune conditions
Mystery weight gain
Sleep issues
Gut imbalances
Viral infections
Heavy metals toxicity
Minor mystery aches & pains
And MUCH more

What kinds of health issues was the Sapphire Healing Experience created to conquer?

3 Ways the Sapphire Healing Experience WILL Jumpstart Your Health & Happiness

Sense of self

Freedom from unnecessary suffering. 

Agony. Survival mode. Stuck.

That’s how I used to describe the constant state I was living in before permanently ridding my life of chronic pain. Can you relate?

Regardless of where it manifests itself—emotionally or physically or energetically—chronic health issues can lead to the destruction of every single aspect of your life. Slowly but surely deteriorating your… 


If this is sounding all too familiar, then I am so, so thrilled you found your way to this page. 

Because guess what? This life you’re living now does not have to become your future. You can regain control.

Together, we can collapse time, save you years of unnecessary suffering, and reposition you in the driver’s seat of your life.

You will overcome this.

Master the ability to navigate stress & healthy boundaries with ease and grace.

Stress alone is one of the most significant (but often overlooked) factors hindering women’s ability to achieve sustainable health.

The healing journey in and of itself is no walk in the park. 

Chronic health issues come with their own constant stream of day to day stressors (battling inner doubts, emotional overwhelm, dealing with symptoms and setbacks, etc.). If left unmanaged, this can severely delay any healing transformation.


Uncovering the specific impact stress has on your mind and body, learning how to manage stress throughout your health transformation, and surrounding yourself with compassionate support (that’s where I come in), is truly one of the secret ingredients in accelerating and amplifying the healing process.  

Discover yourself (again), and emerge as the woman you are destined to be. 

You’re motivated. You’re driven. And you have BIG, bold dreams and aspirations for yourself/your life.

If you didn’t, you wouldn’t still be reading this page in search of a solution.

We both know that the singular roadblock standing between the version of you right here, right now and the absolute best version of you (the thriving, energetic, move-making, goal-crushing you!) is your health.  

The world deserves the happy and healthy you. YOU deserve the same. 

Don’t waste another day. Now is the time to act.

Say it with me: I can and I will find myself again.


Together, we can make an everlasting change ...


Working with Dr. Rodgers was such a positive experience for me. It was so apparent that finding out what was going on in my body was top priority and she was bang on with her information.

- Hayley Vandale

I came out of the time with her feeling relieved, more energetic, and positive that I will be able to heal.

I never felt like just another patient, she really took the time to explain and understand. Thank you.

Health history & Medical reports (if you feel like sharing them - it’s completely unnecessary!) 
Previous & current symptoms
Lifestyle likes and dislikes
And anything else you’d like to share

Part 1: Preliminary 90-Minute Deep Dive Session 

First, we lay out all the puzzle pieces of your health history & your story.

What’s your story? How did we get to where you are today? I’m here to listen. 

During this session (as throughout the rest of the program), I am not here to rush you. I am not here to judge you or to doubt you. Instead, I’m here to embrace and support you—this is a safe and sacred space. 

During this first part of the Sapphire Healing Experience, I’ll lay out the pieces of the puzzle by also reviewing things like… 

This will give me everything I need to determine the root cause(s) of your issue(s) and begin strategizing your individual health plan and action steps.



Nutritional and supplement guidance 
Mindset and foundational healing work
Healing exercises
Holistic healing toolbox
Personalized guidance and support affirmations
Root cause and symptom tracking

Part 2: Root Cause Analysis & Custom Holistic Healing Plan 

Next, I meet you where you’re at with a detailed Holistic Healing Lifestyle customized to combat the specific root cause of your issue(s).

After uncovering all the nitty gritty details of your health journey thus far, I’ll put the pieces of the puzzle together and determine the root cause(s) behind your pain combining my traditional doctor and medical intuitive expertise.

This will allow me to then develop a custom Holistic Healing Lifestyle specific to all the many things that make you and your health journey one-of-a-kind.

(Already have a diagnosis? Great! We’ll use this time to fill in any gaps. This way, there will be zero unknowns left standing between you and your best health as we move forward.)

Your custom Holistic Healing Plan will be made up of (but is NOT limited to) the following:



Reiki and other energetic healing work (Certified Reiki Practitioner) 
Coaching and support in managing stress
Progressive relaxation 
Past life and current life trauma regression healing

Part 3: Weekly Healing Sessions

(These can either be held online via video chat or in person if you’re local)
Then, we put it all into action & the healing transformation begins. Every week, we’ll get on a private video chat and check in. Sessions will be tailored to your unique journey and will vary from week to week but will primarily focus on a mix of various healing practices along with compassionate empowerment support to talk through any doubts or questions. 

Using my signature method, we’ll work to optimize your physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health -- for good -- giving you a total mind, body, spirit RESET.  

We’ll also use this time to implement a range of treatments such as...


Guided yoga and/or meditations to alleviate both emotional and physical stressors
Supplement and medication evaluation
Social support and/or social health evaluations
Environmental health evaluation

Note: These healing sessions are one hour.


Part 4: Unlimited Daily Voxer Support 

Finally, you will have unlimited daily access to me via chat/voice messaging support.

You can have the perfect prescription, be eating all the “right” foods, and following each and every one of the doctor’s orders…

...but if you don’t have a solid foundation of positive social support and compassion to fall back on, the journey to wellness can be excruciating.

That’s why you’ll have unlimited instant voice messaging access to me—someone who knows the journey well (to say the least)—via the Voxer app. 

Whether you have a question about what to eat, how to relieve a certain symptom, or you’re battling inner doubts that healing is possible and just need to vent to someone who has been in your shoes, you’ll have me by your side all throughout the ups and downs of this day-to-day healing journey.


(Note: This doesn’t mean you’ll be directed to my assistant or some other team member. You’ll be getting one-on-one support from me personally, day in and day out. 


Inside the Sapphire Healing Transformation...

Get instant lifetime access to all six life-changing modules in my online course, Survive to Thrive: The Path to Chronic Wellness.

The Survive to Thrive online course will provide you with additional knowledge, tools, and resources to support you in sustaining your lifelong health and wellness goals.

$1,997 Value

Lifetime Access to Survive to Thrive: The Path to Chronic Wellness Online Course

The Holistic Healing Toolbox offers all the materials you need to not just heal, but to sustain a holistic healthy lifestyle. 

Basically, this bonus is a collection of all the tools you’ll need to maintain lifelong emotional, physical, energetic, and spiritual health after our time together. 

While what’s inside each person’s toolbox may vary—as I’ll personally develop your Holistic Healing Toolbox to target your specific root cause and individual journey—here’s a peek at a few things you may find yourself equipped with:

Custom Holistic Healing Toolbox 

bonus 01

bonus 02

Healing recipes
Journal prompts and daily affirmations for mindset and foundational work
Audio recordings for healing, meditations, energy work, etc.

$3,000 Value

$567 Value

90-Minute Deep Dive Session

You can choose to use this bonus healing intensive whenever you’d like during our 6 months together!



Ready to step into the healed, empowered & unstoppable woman you’ve always been destined to become?

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My 1:1 session with you was like no other. I felt compassion from the time our session began, and by the time our session was over, I felt like a different person. I was so rejuvenated!

I have never had a doctor that made me feel that I mattered, who understood what I was going through, and who was so determined to help me with my health. 

- Shano Flemming

Because of you I have hope.

I have literally been thinking about you all day and that I needed to write to you and say I have not felt this good for 2 days in a row since I can remember!

I kid you not, I don’t want it to go away! I feel unburdened by almost everything! How can it be? 

- Elizabeth Sheldon

There are no words to thank you.

Thank you for the support and love, I can’t tell you how much I needed that and how it gives me the motivation and hope to move forward in this journey.

I’m so grateful everyday that the universe sent you to me and I feel it was a spiritual set up as well. I’m so very grateful. I can’t believe how fortunate I am!

- Juliette Barker

Questions other women asked

Absolutely not. I don’t ever expect you to only be working with me, and I’m not a replacement for your primary care physician or general practitioner. Instead, I complement your current practitioners.

My role in your healing transformation is to bring my experience and expertise as a doctor, medical intuitive, and as a patient to the table. My approach toward healing addresses the physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual underpinnings that contribute to health issues, rather than just one

This approach allows my clients to heal physical issues, emotional trauma, negative energy, and chronic symptoms SO much faster.

I already have a doctor/physician. Would I need to leave my current provider to work with you?

Naturopath doctors focus strictly on physical health (and sometimes emotional). While as an epidemiologist and medical intuitive, I stand at the intersection between science and spirituality. I’m clinically trained and certified to identify, understand, and analyze the root causes of symptoms and overall health issues while also facilitating healing across multiple levels.

Just like any other doctor, epidemiologists have specialties. My areas of expertise are chronic diseases, disability, and healthy aging.

My goal is to guide you on a path that helps you wholeheartedly heal—not just manage—the physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic issues that are holding you back from living your best life.  I’m here to facilitate healing across all layers and dimensions for my clients and guide them to heal from the inside out.

I already have a "naturopath" or holistic doc. How are you different?

You have one 60-minute healing session with me every week. However, to be the most successful with the program, it’s up to you to put the time and energy into healing outside your sessions. How much time you choose to commit outside of our calls is up to you.  

The results you get and the pace of your transformation will depend on what you put into it.

How much time will I need to set aside weekly to have success with this program?

Yes. Regardless of if you’re facing a burdensome diagnosis, experiencing simple kinks and discomforts, or you’re simply ready to look, live, and feel the best you’ve ever felt -- this program will teach you how to achieve optimal health for YOU.

Even those with mystery symptoms (like food cravings, chronic cold hands/cold feet, etc.) are more than welcome!

I’m not chronically ill, but I’d like to improve my health. Is this program still for me?

A: You have the option to pay in full or choose a monthly payment plan. Payment platforms accepted include PayPal or any credit or debit card you use.

How does payment work?

Determining the source of your issue(s), unfortunately, is only the first of many steps. 

The Sapphire Healing Experience was engineered for two main purposes:

My doctors have already determined the root cause of my issue(s). Do I still need this?

To guide you to heal yourself, rather than simply manage your symptoms.
To prepare you for the ongoing health journey in all aspects of your life, and to do so in a way that creates a comfortable and sustainable lifestyle for you -- a lifestyle that you don’t have to heal yourself from.

Take a second to think about it. What do typical practitioners do when you go to them with a health issue? The vast majority of them simply regurgitate the same remedy and healing plan over and over again to you and everyone else

This leads to a shaky foundation and unsustainable results (if any).

While my practice does incorporate ideas from Medical Medium by Anthony William, this book simply serves one of many reference tools. There are many other factors critical to lasting physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual health and wellness that are not addressed by Medical Medium.

The one-of-a-kind approach I designed addresses the most important factors that impact your health and ability to heal each day. My practice combines the very best of Western medicine and science with the natural, energetic, and spiritual components that necessitate true healing from the inside out.

I'm taking supplements and following Medical Medium guidance. Do I still need the Sapphire Healing Experience?

This 60-minute consult call will give us the opportunity to chat about where you’re at in your journey and determine if the Sapphire Healing Transformation is without a doubt, the absolute best fit for you.

Ready to elevate your health, happiness & lifestyle with a VIP healing transformation? 

Simply book a Heal Consult Call below to get started!


Ready to elevate your health, happiness & lifestyle with a VIP healing transformation? 

This 30-minute consult call will give us the opportunity to chat about where you’re at in your journey and determine if the Sapphire Healing Transformation is without a doubt, the absolute best fit for you.

Simply book a free Holistic Heal Consult Call below to get started!